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City Stories I
Humanizing urbanity, urbanizing humanity.
Contemporary Episodes: Stary Browar
ICSC best shopping centre awards winning complex in the heart of Poznan. Unique variation about industrialism.
Contemporary Episodes: Pixel
Cubic icon of XXI century architecture in Poznan.
Naturescapes: Mountains
Raw beauty of hidden shapes lurking behind a corner of every path.
Modern Episodes: Wiktor
Formerly luxurious hotel, currently sanatorium in Zegiestow Zdroj (2013).
Modern Episodes: Alfa
Denting, underestimated modern complex. Unwanted face of Poznan's centre. Alpha in condition Omega.
Modern Episodes: Polonez
National dance of polish unpolished concrete.
Modern Episodes: Okraglak
One of the greatest works of Marek Leykam in the heart of Poznan.
Built Berlin
Wandering around structural diversities of city that never sleeps.
Abstructures of Polish Modernism
Abstract statement about polish world of concrete, driven by geometry, bizzarity and disturbing shapes and environment
RTE stands for Rataje in Poznan, concrete jungle and sovmod bedroom of my home city.
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